Dell Precision M3800

Dell Precision M3800 is not only a thin measuring 18 millimeters , but also lightweight 1.88 pounds . And although lightweight , this notebook has a high quality .
This notebook uses an Intel Core i7 quad - core 4702HQ with 3.2GHz speed . Precision M3800 also has a dual conditioning cooling and battery life up to 10 hours of usage . Dell also provides the parties the Windows version 8.1 Pro ( 64 - bit ) and Windows 7 Professional ( 64 - bit ) .
Dell Precision M3800 have a high spesification of notebook Dell Indonesia presents , 15 -inch workstation -class laptops that claimed the thinnest and lightest in the world .
Harveenpal Singh , Precision Workstation Solutions End User Computing Dell says that this product is a laptop that is designed to run a wide range of professional software applications .
" This is the lightest workstation class worldwide . Laptops is easy to use with a touch screen and Windows 8 operating systems , " he said in Jakarta on Thursday .
Dell Precision M3800 has a 18 mm thick and weighs 1.88 kg . Laptops will be available in Indonesia this year driven quad-core processor 4th generation Intel Core i7 - 4702HQ 8 threads that have speeds up to 3.2 GHz .
Claimed to be qualified to run media applications , entertainment , techniques such as the Adobe Creative Cloud , Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite and AutoCAD , Inventor and Revit , Avid Media Composer , Dassault Catia and Solidworks , PTC Creo , Siemens NX and TeamCenter .The Dell Precision M3800 comes with Windows 8.1 Pro operating system or Windows 7 Professional .

Problem of storage , this laptop can be configured up to a maximum of two 1.5 TB storage device consisting of one 2.5 - inch drive and a solid state storage device Mini - Card ( mSATA ) .Laptop that has a NVIDIA Quadro GPU K1100M with 2GB of GDDR5 memory that has a battery that can last up to 10 hours .

is linux save from the virus ?

is not true if linux is always safe from the trojan or malware because for now is many trojan or malware infection on linux operating system If someone says that linus or UNIX system package is associate package for the pc, that won’t “colonized” virus, the concept seems to possess changed, as a results of there is a trojan specific package.

In recent years, the Mac OS, is claimed to be safe from virus attacks, as a result of the creator of transgression “disease” is extra stress on the creation of laptop computer viruses and malware for OS Microsoft Windows.

However, once years of virus among the developing world ar generally specifically designed to attack waterproof. linux or  UNIX operating system package distribution, managers and users that the package has not been targeted by the virus proud creator of Windows and waterproof OS.

However, listed in eWeek (04/09), presently incorporates a brand new trojan that is able to attack the linux UNIX system package package. Trojan called felon hand was far-famed among the safety company RSA September 3. as a results of the virus continues to be relatively new and has not been revived